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As is probably obvious by now, this is a bit of a bike-freak's website. This page includes a couple of other miscellaneous cycle-related articles, at present:

An article on riding a fixed wheel bike on the road as training which I originally wrote for the Edinburgh Triathletes website, now new and improved with a description of my own fixed gear machine included.

Some thoughts on ultra-lightweight touring.

A piece on wheels for cycle tourists. This was originally written for the Trailblazer Guides forthcoming book on Adventure Cycle Touring, but was deemed "too technical" by the series editor (don't know why; there are no equations in it), and so it was abridged and combined with Stephen Lord's own article on the subject. This is the original version, for what it's worth.

A couple of small spreadsheets ("applets") written for Microsoft Excel. One spreadsheet calculates gear sizes (in inches) and speed in mph for various rpm in different gears. Another is a spoke length calculator, which uses the equations given in The Bicycle Wheel by Jobst Brandt to calculate the appropriate length spokes for any design wheel given hub and rim measurements. There are also a couple of triathlon-related calculators in there as well, including a heart-rate zones calculator which might be of use to a cyclist who trains using a heart rate monitor. Although not tested, they are all fairly simple spreadsheets and I expect they will probably work in Star Office or whatever it's called nowadays as well. For the virus-wary, none contain macros. Rob Blomquist's Trilog (a training log) is also on this page, even though I didn't write it, as it is very good and has been unavailable until recently.

More touring articles will be added to this page when a fit of activity grabs me. There are some suggestions for rides in the UK and a page on touring in the French Alps. The Alps page needs some updating to make it more comprehensive, but I don't know when I'll get around to it. In the future, look for New Zealand, the Pyrenees and any other cool parts of the world I manage to get to.