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Cervelo P2K Time Trial Bike

Cervelo P2K Time Trial Bike

Frame-Cervelo P2K, 2000. Aerodynamic-section aluminium tubing, with smoothed welds, internal cable routing and rear-wheel cutout to allow the seat tube to act as a fairing for the rear wheel. The aerodynamic down- and seat-tubes,-and the matched seatpin which is also made by Cervelo-are real (NACA profile) aerodynamic-section tubes, unlike some "aero" bikes where the tubes are merely wider in one axis than the other. 58 cm frame, takes 700C wheels. Horizontal dropouts allow you to get the rear wheel running a hair's breadth behind the seat tube for the best aerodynamics. One of the most aerodynamically-efficient production bikes available.

The bike is great fun to ride-it doesn't feel happy at less than 20 mph!. Bottom bracket and rear triangle are very rigid, so it climbs much better than one might expect a steep-angled TT bike to do. It is most comfortable in the aero position rather than on the pursuit bars (as it should be). I find that unlike my road bike, which I used to use for triathlons and time trialling prior to getting this frame and building it up, I can stay in the aero position indefinitely. On the road bike, I was a bit crunched up around the diaphragm and couldn't breathe properly; I almost had to "come up for air" after a short stretch on the tribars. This machine really allows you to get down and hammer for a fast time.

Fork-Profile BDC bladed carbon.

Front Wheel-Campagnolo Zonda, deep rim aluminium, 16 bladed spokes. The poor man's Shamal wheel. These wheels were chosen as I wanted a wheel that could be used for both training and racing, and so it had to be not excessively expensive, yet complement the aerodynamic efficiency of the frame. (No point coughing up for a frame like this and then putting a standard 36 spoke/box-section rim wheel on it.) According to aerodynamic data available on the Web, the Shamal is one of the most aerodynamic wheels available, and the Zonda is basically the same: the difference is in the hub (Chorus not Record), not in rim profile and spoke count.

Addendum: These wheels are year 2000 Zondas. From the Campagnolo website, the Zonda wheel has been completely changed-and not for the better. The new wheels have a lower rim profile and increased spoke count, both features impairing the aerodynamics of the wheel. The rears even have an odd number of spokes. (They are in seven groups of three, for fashion rather than technical reasons, I think). A real shame to see Campagnolo discontinuing a well thought-out and reasonably-priced product in favour of trendy marketing bollocks. As such, I'll no longer recommend them. Although I have not seen one close up, the Gipiemme Tecno 716 Pro appears to be very similar to the above wheels and might be a good alternative.

Rear Wheel-Campagnolo Zonda, deep rim aluminium, 16 bladed spokes. 9 speed block.

Tyres-Continental 23 mm. Latex inner tubes weigh much less than butyls.

Chainset-Campagnolo Athena, 53 and 39 teeth.

Cassette-Campagnolo 11-23, 9 speed. With the 53/39 chainset, this gives a gear range of 45"-129".

Front Mech-Campagnolo Chorus.

Rear Mech-Campagnolo Daytona.

Gear Shifters-Campagnolo Record 9-speed downtube shifters, mounted on a Profile "Swiftshift" at the top of the aerobars so I can shift when in the aero position.


Handlebars and Aerobars-Profile Design Carbon X. An integrated threadless stem, aerodynamically-bladed pursuit bar and aerobar all in one, made from carbon fibre. Absolutely beautiful; very cool and also ergonomic. The elbow pad brackets on these bars have recently been recalled though as they can come loose: if you have the old style you can get a new pair free from Profile and they are much better as they are welded into one piece.

Brakes-Campagnolo Veloce calipers driven by Dia-Compe 144 reverse-pull levers in the ends of the pursuit bar grips.

Pedals-Time Equipe Pro, magnesium.

Saddle-Selle Italia Flite.

Computer-Cateye cordless.